Image and Material Quality
Our Board Skins are made from 40 to 70 Mega-Pixel images. That is beyond High Definition! And we print using $15,000 printers at 1440 DPI (dots per inch) and only use the Highest Quality Ink and Vinyl Materials to assure that your skin is something Amazing.

About Us & Our Board Skins

A Service...Not Just a Product
Anyone can print one in the business does what we do!
At we provide a service, not just a product. It is the job of our Graphic Designers to make sure your product is perfect. And we do this individually with each customer. This process has been perfected over at and we repeat it here at my personal Promise!
Mark Witten - Owner
Professional Design & Customer Service  was founded by the same individuals as Guitar Skins. We have been working with Graphic Design for decades and Professional Vinyl Creation for about Five Years. Our Customer Services is the best in any business.

We work with the customer from purchase to delivery providing direct email contact between you and your designer. All of our designs are custom sized and printed to meet your needs. We have no inventory. If you want a design repositioned, darkened, lightened...we do that and more. When you purchase an Extreme Board Skin, we become your designer to assure that your skin is absolutely perfect. And you approve the final design before it goes to print!
Skins for Skateboards, Longboards, Snowboards or Any Board