Installation of Your Extreme Board Skin

Videos of Board Skin Installation
Every person and every company has different preferences of how to attach a board skin. All of us create skins with the same basic material and adhesive so the process is the same.  Below you will find video examples created by others and provided on as public domain videos.  We suggest you watch the process suggested by these individuals and decide which works best for you.
Congratulations on choosing a skin from Extreme Board Skins! Now comes the fun part. Installing your skin is a fairly easy process but does require some time and patience. If you follow the instructions below, you should have no trouble at all.
When you get your skin home, remove it from the tube and allow it time to flatten out (because it was rolled). This can be done by placing it face up on a table with a soft book or two laid on top of it. It may take a few hours to completely flatten. While you are waiting, you should collect your tools and prepare your work space for application.
What you will need:

• Warm, soapy water
• Paper towels
• Tape
• Scissors
• Razor blades
• Soft Squeegee
Step 1

Center the skin over your board and tape it to a flat surface to prevent movement. Make sure it is exactly how you want it positioned on your board.
Step 2

Attach the tape to the edges of the skin, centered lengthwise over the board. This allows you to easily attach the skin one half at a time.
Step 4

Cut the backing off so you can apply the sticky side of the skin directly to your board.
Step 3

Peel the backing from the first half of the skin.
Step 6

Our skins do not permanently attach to your board until squeegeed or pressed firmly. This allows you to place and reposition it perfectly.
Step 5

Working your way from the center of the board outward, use a squeegee to work out air bubbles between the skin and your board.
Step 8

At this point, remove the tape that is holding the skin to the flat surface so you can attach the second half.
Step 7

Once you are finished attaching the first half, remove the backing from the second half of the skin.
Step 10

Go over the skin again with the sqeegee to activate the adhesive and make sure it is secure. This will also remove any air bubbles between the skin and your board.
Step 9

Squeegee the remaining half of the skin onto your board.
Step 12

Get as close to the side of the board as you can without making the skin shorter than the top edge of the board.
Step 11

Flip the board over and use a razor blade to cut any access skin off the sides.
Step 13

Using your hand or a cloth, firmly press the skin into all the nooks and crannies around the edge of your board.
Tips & Tricks

• Remember that you can always cut more of your skin away but you can never put it back once it's cut.

• Use the right tools! Scissors, razors, a clean paper towel, etc.

• Completely clean the surface you are applying your skin to. Nothing sticks to a dirty surface.

• If it takes less than one hour to install your skin, you are likely not being careful enough.

• Have a friend help you. Four hands are better than two.

• Once your skin is installed, touch up the edges of the skin with a black marker.
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